13/12/2008 22:39

Gene therapy 'may repair hearing'

Gene therapy has the potential to restore hearing in mice, offering hope for humans too, US scientists suggest. Find out more at


13/12/2008 22:32

Light-wave implant hope for deaf

An implant which works by firing infrared light into the inner ear is being investigated by US researchers. Further information can be found at


13/12/2008 22:30

MIT finds new hearing mechanism

MIT researchers have discovered a hearing mechanism that fundamentally changes the current understanding of inner ear function. This new mechanism could help explain the ear's remarkable ability to sense and discriminate sounds. Its discovery could eventually lead to improved systems for restoring...


13/12/2008 22:25

Key hearing loss gene identified

A gene responsible for the single most common cause of hearing loss among white adults has been identified. Read more at:


13/12/2008 22:21

High-Tech Hearing Bypasses Ears

A wristwatch phone that lets you listen by sticking a finger in your ear, an MP3 player that vibrates the bones in your skull to play music that only you can hear -- these are some of the products being developed using a technology called bone conduction that sends sound waves through the bones...


13/12/2008 22:19

Waits for hearing aids 'too long'

Some people in England are facing waits of nearly two-and-a-half years for an NHS hearing aid, the RNID charity says. Full story can be found at      


13/12/2008 22:15

Better ear implant hope for deaf

US scientists have unveiled what they say could be the next generation of implants designed to offer hearing to the profoundly deaf. Read full story at:


13/12/2008 22:07

Hope for reversal of hearing loss

A US study has raised hopes that one day researchers will be able to 'restore' specialised hair cells in the ears of humans suffering from deafness. Read more at: